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Since 1984, the Purely Water Filters, LLC family of companies, including, award-winning service and manufacturing companies and filtration system specialists located in Frederick, MD, have provided happy customers with home water treatment and filtration systems, replacement filters, replacement components, Ultraviolet (UV) water purification/disinfection systems, replacement bulbs for UV systems, and many other products. You can choose from a variety of popular brands along with our own brand, including patented products, at the best prices on the internet.

Our goal is to simplify the process and end the confusion that exists on other sites. To this end, we have intentionally limited our inventory to provide you the best results, with choice products.
LOOK for the PROS PICK which will provide easy filtration system installation solutions that hands-on field technicians prefer, and use to resolve specific issues and achieve the best performance. If you have a specific product that doesn’t fit our choice products or you just can't locate it, just e-mail us the product number, and we will get it for you!

If you are not sure what to select, our professionals will assist you in picking the product that will work best in your system, or a new system if needed, to resolve your specific problem. 
Based on your information, our filtration system specialists will recommend effective product solutions, and you can rely on us to help you decide the right products to purchase.  With each product section (sediment, chlorine, etc.), we will offer a variety of options that will always include a PRO'S PICK where applicable, meaning it is the solution preferred by field technicians and water specialists.
This expertise is what you won't find elsewhere, and the acute need for this expertise is just one of the reasons why we launched our online store!

Water testing is also available to identify household issues and/or health concerns, such as, bacteria and other health hazards, in the water.

Our staff of 70 plus collective years of experience provides our existing database of customers a better and easier internet shopping experience, to purchase the appropriate replacement filters and components at exceptional pricing. We provide clients with an online market that offers a wide variety of the water filtration system products they need.
Since we are a part of the Solutions In Aqua Services family, we have test data and previous service and material history for all existing clients.  This way we can truly maintain the integrity of the system(s) in place and achieve the highest continued performance at the best possible price. 
New filtration system installation clients are truly delighted to find the simplicity of our products and recommendations, as well as our extraordinarily low prices.  As our existing clients already know, our new clients are also thrilled with the product and expert application knowledge that we offer, not often found on other sites.

Our recommendations are based on science not sales, and our mission is to solve your problem with cost, serviceability, and effectiveness in mind.

Search our store to find your products or email us directly to submit information.  For a more comprehensive request, fill out our CONSULTATION form concerning your filter or water filtration system needs. In turn, we will offer expert advice in recommendations for the appropriate product selections.

We earn one client at a time, and our dedicated team is excited to help you get the water you and your family deserve!

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